Kenneth Goldsmith

Cautious Vitality: New Developments in Contemporary Czech Poetry

This piece is part of Babelsprech International, a series created through the cooperation of Babelsprech and Hilda Magazine, in partnership with the Dutch online magazine Samplekanon, as well as Full Stop. The essay was written by Karel Piorecký for the anthology Displej-eu, curated by the magazine Psí víno and the German magazine Randnummer.   When did the present age […]

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Of Ships and Sovereignty. Speculations on European Poetry

Speculations on European Poetry By Frank Keizer & Samuel Vriezen What politics, the one that germinates from the poem, from the drives of language, from a subject that can’t be restrained and unpronounceable extends (psyche, life) to the ends of the Earth, conceives itself as one ghost among many and assembles itself in the multiple […]

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