Nadia de Vries – R.I.P. Nadia de Vries

On February 22, 2016 by samplekanon

Medium Angel
Are you smoking, or are you cold?

Your blessings are numbered.
It is your duty to not fall ill, or from grace.
Funny how there is a “right” way of falling
Pain means you’re doing it wrong.


Blood Poem
Chandelure waits around hospital rooms for young souls to die.
Chandelure is not soft and caring
Chandelure is selfish and unkind.
He sucks you dry before sending you to the spirit world
Ask him how he feels after that.


Cloud Squeezer
Ribbons and glue could not keep us together
Everything is temporal but death is forever


Dear Vanessa
My beautiful vampire, come back 2 me
I will wait for you in the dark
I will refrigerate my blood
Butterflies in intensive care units
Being sick is not the same as being unloved.



Nadia de Vries (1991) woont in Amsterdam. Ze is de auteur van twee poëziebundels, First Communion (2015) en R.I.P. Nadia de Vries (2016).



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